Principal's Message

Welcome to the Claude Watson School for the Arts Website

The Claude Watson School for the Arts offers an enriched arts education for students in grades four through eight who reside within Toronto and have demonstrated a talent in music, drama, dance and visual arts.

The students divide their day between regular academic classes and an exceptional arts program. In this environment, the arts become a language of experiences in a program that develops the creative potential of artistically talented students.

The goals of this school are to enrich and accelerate aesthetic development, to stimulate creativity and original thinking, to nurture the visual, aural and kinetic senses and to create an enduring respect and passion for learning within a climate of artistic and academic excellence.

A sequential program firmly founded on basic principles of learning encourages self-actualization of each student’s potential.

The school program maximizes the growth of the student by exposure to highly qualified teachers, instructors and artists from the community.

Enrichment is offered by means of extensive co-curricular opportunities in athletics, academics and the arts.

Both the Arts and academic programs satisfy all the requirements of the Ministry of Education Curriculum Guidelines. An extended school day - six hours instead of the usual five - allows an enriched, creative and thorough artistic and academic education. There are ten classes, two per grade level. Academic and arts progress is monitored regularly through a variety of ongoing assessment and evaluations strategies. Students at Claude Watson School for the Arts participate in all Ministry wide testing programs and students are expected to and do score above the system average. Each year the progress of each student who is enrolled at C.W.S.A. is reviewed to determine the advisability of continuing in the program.

I hope that you enjoy your tour through our website and find it both informative and enjoyable. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me directly at the school.

Laura Jones,