Frequently Asked Questions-2022

We get a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our school and our application process.  Please review our 2020-2021 frequently asked questions (FAQ) by clicking here.

These are some of the more frequently asked questions of our program.

Are you a public or private school?

How do students get admitted into the program?

  • Admission to the Claude Watson School for the Arts is by audition. Auditions are held annually in February and March for admission in the following September. Student’s auditions in the arts areas and at the elementary level, students do not specialize in one arts area. For more details of the admission and audition process, please visit the "/Future-Students" section of the webpage.

Is there a tuition fee for the program?

  • There is no tuition fee for the program. There is a Student Activity Fee that is collected annually. This $60 fee goes towards student enrichment, providing a Student Planner, a yearbook and to offset the price of special performances, guest artists and field trips. Each year the Student Activity Fee is approved by the CWSA School Council

Can anyone apply to Claude Watson?

  • Any child who lives in the City of Toronto may apply to attend CWSA. All students who apply must live at an address which has a postal code that begins with the letter “M”

Does your program provide busing?

  • No, unfortunately, there is no busing provided. Parents are responsible for getting their child to school. The school is located on the Yonge subway line and many students arrange carpooling.

Can I have a tour of the school?

  • Unfortunately, tours cannot be accommodated. They are very disruptive to the school program and they can be a safety issue.

Does the Claude Watson program offer a French Immersion program?

  • No, we do not offer a French Immersion program. All students at Claude Watson study the required Core French program. The busy arts timetable does not provide the time for a French Immersion or Extended French program.

How is Claude Watson structured?

  • The school is a capped program. There are 300 students in the arts program, 60 students at each grade level and 30 students in each class. The Claude Watson timetable is divided so that students spend approximatley half the time in the academic areas and half the time in the arts; dance, digital arts, drama, music and visual arts.

What can my child do once they graduate from Claude Watson?

  • Students graduating from Claude Watson take many paths. Some continue in the arts education and attend TDSB Arts high schools like the Claude Watson program at Earl Haig Secondary School, Etobicoke School of the Arts and Rosedale Height School for the Arts. To attend these programs they go through an audition/assessment process. Other students go on to other specialty programs in the maths, sciences, etc. Other students select to attend their home high school or go to the private or Catholic school system.

Does my child have to have specialized training in the arts to audition for Claude Watson?

  • No, the auditions are designed to look for the candidates potential. Of course, any exposure to the arts is going to be beneficial to all children and can make candidates more comfortable when participating in the auditions.

Does Claude Watson have a uniform?

  • Yes, Claude Watson has a performance uniform that is worn for school performances, special occasions and field trips. It is not worn during the regular school day. Students must have required dancewear, dance shoes and a physical education uniform. All items are available through the school, at the start of each school year CWSA hosts a used uniform and dancewear sale is held so families can buy second hand items.