CWSA Summer School 2019


Claude Watson School for the Arts is very excited to be hosting an arts and language program this summer.  Our program is all about telling stories through the arts.  The program is open to any student currently in grades 5, 6, 7 and 8.  At registration students will select two Majors (arts areas).  They will spend half their morning in one of their majors and the other half in the other major.  The majors are:

Storytelling For Filmmakers (Grades 7 and 8 Only): Students will collaboratively create and produce short films to tell a story.  Students may create their own story or interpret an existing story.  Students will have access to video cameras and an iMac Lab with Final Cut Pro X, Garage Band, iMovie and other related software.  No previous experience is required.

Musical Theatre: The combination of acting and singing has become a powerful medium for telling stories.  Through the creative process students will explore and experiment with scores and texts to tell a story.  


A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: The power of the photograph has changed the world.  Through the use of digital cameras and photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop students will work on telling stories through the lens of a camera.  Students will have the opportunity to visit different environments in the Yonge and Sheppard neighbourhood to take their photos and tell their story.

Choreographers Challenge: Telling a Story Through Dance: Without speaking a word dancers can tell stories from around the world.  Through the creative process students will give voice to a story using movement to create dances.

Visual Narrative: Story Telling Through Visual Arts: By exploring with a number of mediums (ink, paint, collage, sculpture) students will explore visual narratives through visual arts.

The Language of Music: Using Orff and percussion instruments students will compose and create music to tell a story.  Students will have access to many unique instruments including xylophones, drums, recorders and of course their voice.

Acting the Story: Using Drama to tell Your Story: Students will explore story telling through writing and creating drama pieces. Dramatic forms, techniques and technology (lights, costumes and sound effects) will be introduced to enhance the telling of the story.


Instrumental Music Band / Strings: Experienced band/strings musicians will get to practice their band/string instruments each day in ensembles and a large group. Students will have access to band instruments but students are welcome to bring their own rental instruments to class each day. Students will explore how music is used to tell stories.